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How to care for newly Hydroseeded lawn:


We used the highest quality Jonathan Green seed, fibermulch and starter fertilizer available when we hydroseeded your lawn. Follow these instructions to ensure great results.


When to water:  


Hydroseeded areas should be watered 2-3 times a day for 10-15 minutes each cycle. Keeping the hydroseed damp and moist will ensure proper germination and great results. after 3-4 weeks you can reduce the watering frequency. Don't over water and create pools of water that can drown new  seedlings. After the first mowing watering can be reduced to once a day. Early morning watering after lawn in established is preferred to avoid lawn fungus and allow water to penetrate into the root zone. Take care to keep foot traffic off newly hydroseeded areas until lawn in established.


When you will see results:


Germination will start between 5 and 14 days with full results in about a month. Some sections may come in better then others. As the grass fully grows in and spreads there may be a few spots that need to be overseeded. After 5 weeks if you see any bare spots use Jonathan Green sun thru shade mix or a mixture of fescue, kentucky blue and rye to match.


When to mow:


Mowing should be done 3-5 weeks after hydroseeding or when the grass reaches 3-3.5 inches in height. Do not let the grass grow extremely tall then mow low. This will cause stress to the lawn. Try to avoid cutting more the 1/3 of the height of grass off when mowing. Make sure to use sharp blades when cutting the lawn. It is recommended to leave the clippings in the lawn to add nutrients back into the soil. Do not leave clumps as they will damage the new seed.


When to fertilize:


We applied a Jonathan Green pro starter fertilizer 14-20-8 in our hydroseed. We recommend applying another application of starter fertilizer 3 weeks after we seeded your lawn.  While Nitrogen keeps a lawn green, high Phosphorus fertilizer stimulates root growth and development. This is extremely important on newly seeded lawns. (make sure the 2nd # on the fertilizer bag is high) If you do not have a fertilizer service consult your local garden center to locate the proper fertilizer. 


Do not apply feed and feed fertilizer or any other weed control for at least 10 weeks after your lawn was hydroseeded. While our hydroseed mixture of seed and fibermulch contains no weed seed it is possible to have weed seed in existing topsoil. This can be addressed after the lawn has been established. A thick established lawn is less likely to have weeds in years to come. Keeping up with a fertilizer program and checking the PH level of the soil and addressing as needed will ensure your new lawn continues to thrive. 



In the unlikely event that your hydroseeded lawn is washed out due to rain or anything else beyond our control we will come back to respray for 1/2 the original price.


following these instructions will provide you with a healthy, lush green lawn. Call or email us is you have any questions. Enjoy your new lawn.


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