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hydroseeding granby simsbury CT


Why Hydroseed?


Quick results: 

Seed will start to germinate in 5-14 days and full results in about a month.

Less Expensive then sod:

Hydroseeding provides a great lawn at a great value. Hydroseeding is over 5 times less expensive then sod and is not custom blended for each property as is our hydroseed.

Better results: 

Hydroseed is more effective then seeding by hand.  Seed, starter fertilizer, fibermulch and nutrients are applied all at once uniformly to ensure a thick green lawn. Our 70/30 wood/paper fibermulch provides protection from evaporation and helps seed to germinate by providing moisture. We use premium Jonathan Green grass seed and supplies for superior results.  Our seed blend contains genetically dark green color and naturally insect resistant seed which is also drought tolerant. (roots have grown over four feet down into the lawn soil)


Soil Prep:

To ensure great results proper soil prep is essential.  click here to find out more.

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